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What  better way to take in everything than by motorcycle tour ?. Here in Vietnam, these guided tours aboard large bikes are known as ”Easy Rider”. The most common concern of travelers booking an easy rider tour is safety. They might have seen or been in the madhouse rush of Ho Chi Minh or some like place and thought, ”this is crazy”. Well, it is crazy. But we aren’t and most roads we travel bear little resemblance to the stereotypical madness of the cities. You will actually be able to lean back and close your eyes from time to time. Not that you would want to, as there is much to see.


Because your comfort and safety are priorities, each of our smooth-running motorcycles, much larger than the light weight bikes used  in cities, is chosen for reliability and comfort. Each of our experience driver/guides is masterful in safely navigating everything from streets to jungle roads. Should you choose, it is possible to drive your own provided vehicle on  owe of our tour to farms, villages, plantations and beaches …to floating markets and waterfalls.


A trip like this requires trust and experience. We have both. Certainly, there are other well-organized and well-run. True Friends Easy Rider , so you have choices. Please consider the care and thought that we put into each of our tours. Many satisfied clients have relied upon us for almost 10 years and we continue to approach each tour as an opportunity to make people happy.


All of our tours are conducted in English. Our guides take every opportunity to give full explanation of the visited sites, not forgetting that a sense of humor adds to the enjoyment. Never hesitate to ask a question or share your own knowledge. We don’t pretend to know everything and are open to your observations and contributions. This is a business, of course, but it is also a matter of pride and passion to share our beautiful and unique country with visitors.


Prior to departure, you will be provided with cell numbers that you can give the folks back home, should you need to be reached. As a further safety consideration, each guide carries an extensive medical kit. Need an aspirin? We‘ll have it, too.


Something particular to us is our flexibility in group size and in departure/termination sites. It is often possible to alter certain aspect of the published tour to fit your requirements.

We are looking forward to creating your Vietnam Adventure.

Welcome to True Friends Easy Rider!

Director: Mr. Benny Nguyen
Add : 60 Nguyen Thien Thuat street, Nha Trang City,Khanh Hoa, Vietnam
Tel:  +84 2586 286 683
Fax: +84 2583 523 274
Hotline:+84 906 4242 66

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