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There are over 1000 different dishes common to Viet Nam and countless local variations on most of them. While on the tour you will be served Vietnamese food and may find that the rice and chicken at one home-stay is quite different than the last. The homestay meals are the real thing, not the same as found in most tourist area restaurants. And the local beer and nice wine can be a real taste treat for you. Served up by a village family, these meals are usually spiced with big smiles and many “ Yo” toasts. If you have food allergies, let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate you. Home stays are common to most tours. You will be provided a proper bed and mattress, hot water, and a clean environment. Some stays will be in a traditional thitch roofed long house ( see photo in the gallery) Other nights will be in 2-star hotel with air, hot water, usually wi-fi and the standard fare you have come to expect Please, if you have any questions about us on our tours that is not covered in the website, contact us. Take a look at our tour choices, look over our staff and make sure to enjoy the photo gallery. And please, consider us in your travel planning. You won’t be disappointed. Der nicht an der aktuellen analyse beteiligte schriftle.com erziehungswissenschaftler hatte 2013 mit einer studie gezeigt, dass gewalt für viele heranwachsende in deutschland noch immer alltag ist