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Benny is an old hand at serving the public, has a clear understanding of western culture and is always alert to the client. His broad smile, energy and genuine concern is reflected in the care he takes to make every moment of a tour a snapshot for your memories. His listening skills are second to none and his willingness to make a slight detour or spend more time to satisfy make it clear that he is there for you. One look at his photo and you can see the genuine smile and impishness in those eyes. Always alert, very articulate and focused, Benny will set you at ease within minutes of meeting him.
If you do an Easy Rider tour in Viet Nam (Which you definitely should) you mush go with Benny. he’s the funiest, most caring, knowledgable and safest tour guides we encountered. The whole 05 days we were constantly laughing and eating delicius food. He really took the time to make sure we were satisfied with out meals and got to do the things we want. We saw many other guides along the way but noone could compare to our hilarius and experienced guides. True Friends Easy Rider totally made our trip in Viet Nam. And it wouldn’t have been the same without Benny. Don’t you worry , don’t you worry chiiiild … Benny’s got a tour for youu! – Sonya and Shaina Gleicher.
Easy Rider Tour with True Friends. Was the highlight of my travels to date !. Great food, great weather, great views, great accommodation, great rice wine, great tour guide (Benny) and all resulting in a great time. Can ‘t recommend it enough, it really is a must do !. Cheers Benny. You truly are beautiful !!! – hull722@hotmail.com (max Springfield).
Don’t let his name scare you, as you are in secure hands with Khoi as your guide. There are very few roads he has not driven throughout Vietnam. When you meet him you will be taken by his quick wit and listening skills. Mr, Khoi (in case you don’t know, the title, “Mr.”, is used commonly stated before the first name when making an introduction, though it is not used after familiarity), will quickly become your good friend while continuing to recognize his responsibilities first. This man knows how to set people at ease and confident while showing them the best of times. His many clients who travel from all over all use words like “amazing” and “incredible” when riding with them. Thank yous.
Thanks, Khoi ! Because of you and the tour we were able to see the country through Vietnamese eyes. We ate at local hot pots, tried local produce and other foods and even attended a wedding feast. Thanks. I would recommend this tour to anyone. – Reid, Sydney, Australia
Our ride with you on the five day trip to Hoi An and back is something I will never forget. Thanks for the experience, Khoi…..and for fixing my camera. If you can do only one thing in Vietnam, this is it. – Rob, England
We came to Vietnam with no real plan…and then we met Khoi. It is hard to explain how amazing our six days with him were. I don’t think we could have found a better guide. – Peter, Norway
Vu’s command of language and his genuine affection for his country shows in the genuine excitement that he shares with his clients. He is able to find your interests and make sure that your expectations are more than met, even going so far as to take a client fishing for his dinner when he knows that will be a treat. Vu instills confidence and it is obvious that he has both the skills and knowledge that blend to make people wish there were more days that could be spent on the road, through the villages and taking in the country.
I wanted to see and feel the real culture and to interact with the people of Vietnam. This trip has more than made that a reality. It has been the highlight of my entire time in Vietnam and I have Vu to thank for making it possible. It is a must-do trip for anyone. – Amy, New Zealand
Most amazing tour I have ever taken! Thank you so much for the lovely time, conversation and the memories. – Jane, New Orleans, USA
All I have to say is, ‘Just do it!’ This has been the best experience of my trip and I have been traveling for months. I will never forget the last four days. – Jonathan, Canada
TiNo’s driving skills and easy manner and good sense of humor endear him to everyone who takes a tour with him. Clients often comment about him as a person, not just as a guide. He, to, makes his love of country evident and it is infectious. You feel more like a fellow traveler, sharing the time with someone in the know than with yet another paid tour guide.
TiNo was a superb guide, keeping me safe on the sometimes daunting roads of Vietnam as i rode my own bike. I was always assured when i followed his lead. His knowledge of the country is unbelievable. – Callum, Edinburgh, Scotland.
TiNo drove me around the twists and turns, all the time pointing out things I might never have noticed. He is a safe driver and a great guide who even stopped so that i could take a little nap. This tour has made my trip. – Emma, London.
TiNo is a very good guide, skilled driver and a leader. Amazing, impressive trip. – Rick, USA.
Mr. Bi, If you want to get off the “beaten track “Mr. Bi is your man. What he doesn’t know about the loop roads and dirt tracks across Vietnam is not worth knowing. You will certainly feel comfortable on the back of his “Vietnamese Harley Davidson “as he cruises with ease through the mountains that make up the beautiful and picturesque Vietnam. He’s always ready to stop off for a roadside coffee and sit back to enjoy the spectacular landscape. What he said “I love my country and all of you from around the world. If you ever visit Vietnam I will always welcome you and show the best I can “
Nice guy! remarkable communication skills and focused on safety as well as excitement. Within the first hour you clearly understand that he has knowledge to share, delivered with a broad smile, Steven is recently married, so he values family, He feels his love of Vietnam and will infect you with that love!
We had an awsome time on our trip! So many things to see, so many nice people to meet. The first night we did a home stay. This was a really interesting experience. The two other nights we spent in da lat in a hotel. Our guide Steven was the best! He taught us a lot about vietnam. We really loved it, thanx!!!! – Kevin from Amsterdam.
We are happy we did a Tour with these guys, felt safe all the way. Steven our tour guide was very nice and showed and explained a lot to us on our tour from Nha Trang to Da Lat. They picked us up at the hotel in the morning and after a little introduction we started our little adventure. We can recommend this to everyone who wants to explore the countryside. – Rick from United State.
We did a 4 days/3 nights motorbike road trip with two amazing guides Steven vs Happy Buddha . We left from Buon Ma Thuot to Hoi An. We can say it is the best way to discover the true Vietnam and its culture. We did a lot of stops to take pictures and learn informations about Vietnam. No tourists and our road just a wonderful experience for us! The guides were amazing and really good driver! We really advice to discover Vietnam with this company! – Alex from Australia.
His name says it all, translated, Wee Man describes a man who enjoys serving his long – term experiences have taught him that the client comes first. He has excellent language skills. His strong family background, Growing up with a somewhat poor Central Highland farmer family instilled him with confidence and understanding of the importance of cooperation.
The most amazing ride through the mountains of Vietnam with my guide Wee Man Easyrider, with the group True Friends Easy Rider Motorcycle Tour. A highly recommended, unforgettable trip! – Lev from South Africa.
The True Friends Easy Rider crew are friendly, knowledgeable and gracious hosts in the Nha Trang area. The trip is a perfect and comfortable way to see the landscape with locals who really know the area and are willing to travel at your pace. Wee Man took us on an awesome trip from Nha Trang – Lak Lake – Da Lat. We could have easily done a few more days. If you are in Nha Trang stop by and speak with Benny, Jenny, or any of the True Friends and you will not regret it. – Jenifer from Germany.
My cute guide Wee Man, went out of his way to make my adventure very memorable. He is safe experienced driver who showed me many beautiful and interesting places in Vietnam. I totally recommend Weeman and his adventure. – Christine from Germany.